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Handmade body butter with 100% raw shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil , papaya oil, olive oil, glyceryn and vitamin E oil.


Our Shea Butter (rich in vitamins E and A), Organic virgin Coconut oil (rich in vitamins E) are natural ingredients that work well together to prevent dry skin and irritation.


We carefully selected and combined those ingredients together to help soothe, moisturize the skin but also to give your skin a healthy, natural glow, reduce the appearance of dark spots, lighten, brighten and treat skin imperfectionExcellent for all type of skin.


This combo may help: 

  • Treat dry skin and irritation
  • Treat eczema and psoriasis
  • Moisturize and nourish skin
  • Minimize the appearance of stretch marks and scarring
  • Promote strong antioxidant activity
  • brighten, lighten, smoothe, soothe the skin


Warning: If you have an allergy to any of those ingredients we recommend not to use the product. External use only.

Elixir Glow

Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Ingredients: raw shea butter, Virgin coconut oil, essential oils, olive oil, glyceryn, vitamin E oil. (If you have an allergy to any of those ingredients we recommend not to use the product)
    • Weight: 15 oz 
    • Product Type: Self care Collection
    • Brand: gurjusme


  • While we sincerely appreciate your business, we do not provide refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.

    Feel free to contact us for any questions related to our products before making a purchase at

    Thank you for your business and support!

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